The main goal of the project is the three dimensional modelling of the cities and of the Republic of Armenia and their neighbouring area in Google-Earth system. This modern process is now implemented in the world's leading countries such as France, the US, Italy, England, United Arab Emirates etc. Our country's geographical position, architecture in Tamanyan's style has always been an influential target in the strategic concepts of a number of nations.

Our company has had its investment  in this patriotic project. For about a year, our employees, saving no effort and energy, made a lot of design work for the  thorough design and three-dimensional modeling of Yerevan.  The project team includes experienced 3D  modelers, graphic designers, Architects, programmers, who are all highly qualified professionals  in the fields of  information technology, systems engineering and automation industries.

We are sure that this project will have its positive effect in a number of spheres.


National PR
One of the our main goals is the National PR. With the help of this project we will be able to influence the opinion of the international society- forming a positive image about the Republic of Armenia and the Armenians, aiding the boost of a number of Armenian patriotic projects. We will also aid to the development of the national ideology by overcoming  the inferiority complex existing in our society.
Tourism development
We want to emphasize the sphere of tourism, where there are good opportunities of cooperation. As you know, Armenia has a reach cultural heritage. The sphere of tourism, indeed, has a big perspective of development. Our project will help to develop tourism in Armenia, thus contributing to the presentation of important state buildings (churches, sightseeing, monuments, resorts) hotels, clubs, and other architectural masterpieces. All this will be possible to see with three-dimensional images in a virtual three-dimensional world.

Business Development and Foreign Economic Cooperation 
The main direction of foreign trade and economic cooperation is the integration of the Republic of Armenia into the global economy. This project will have its own place in this process. Armenia  may have a great potential in the fields of import and export, which may have broad prospects for  foreign companies. The latter would make the investment environment of our country  more engaging for business development. In Google Earth project the local and foreign companies will be introduced according  to the address, the name (several languages) service, product, etc.
Reveal Armenia in a new way with the three dimensional images of Google Earth.